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Are slot holes ever going to be based on centers?

Question asked by Paul Risley on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by Dwight Livingston

I use them infrequently anyways so not a big deal.


But every time I do use them this pops in my head.


Why are the slot holes defined by the OD of the slot? A sketch slot is not, you have to click on the dialog to set max condition if you want it.


As a machinist I hated the callout being edge to  edge on slots, since you measure centerline of tool it was extra math that had to be calculated.


Maybe someone knows why they are this way, maybe not, obviously I had to use them again today and it popped in my head. It would be nice since all other things related to slots are based on the centers(even in the drawings where you detail the slot hole).


My only reason/thought would be the hole wizard functionality in general is the cause, if it were to the center would it create a "point" that Solidworks thinks references another hole? Think of in a hole layout sketch that you cannot use a center rectangle for this very reason(unless of course if it is separate from the hole feature.)


Anyways if someone does know I would like to find out, call it the curious little gremlin in me.