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Solidworks PCB 2019 opening unmanaged projects?

Question asked by Jeff Cho on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2019 by Jeff Cho

Quick background. I am not an Electrical Engineer nor have I ever used this application. I am however a computer programmer, so I have experience using SVN and Tortoise SVN. We lost our System Administrator so I am delegated with trying to help out with admin requests where I can. Installing Solidworks PCB 2019 is currently one of them. The users had gotten an O/S upgrade and needed the application reinstalled.


I installed Solidworks PCB services, and also the main application for it. Both on the same machine (Windows 10). There are only 3 users, so I manually added them and had one test to see if it worked alright. He was able to log in fine, and open a document. I thought all was well, until today a user said they couldn't open a project (first time using application since installation day).  So there is a main PCB project folder in the root of the C drive. That folder has sub folders for each project containing the project files. The users seemed to be accustomed to just navigating to that folder and opening their project. When you click on a project file, it will open the PCB designer and will do nothing (I made sure user the user is signed in). The project file extensions are ".prjpcb"    I am not sure what version was installed prior, nor do the users for some reason. We had a copy of 2017 and 2018. So I put 2018 on and just did the upgrade to 2019.


Each time I try to open a project I only get the option to open a managed project. I am assuming that means added to the application's internal SVN repository, which they are not.


So first question,  is there a way to use the projects un-managed? I tried turning off SVN management, but it still wouldn't open the project.


Second question, if version control can't be turned off, and all of the old projects are in a folder in the root of C, how would i make them managed under SVN I didn't see a function in the UI to do so. Will this need to be done command line? Well, I did see in services to add a project but I can't imagine I would have to manually create a "Project" in the services panel for every old project. There are many projects that need to be ported over.


I looked around, and the tutorials i came across seem to leave some lose ends, and/or just walk through setting up the repositories as if it's a first time use. Unless I am misunderstanding.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I had hit a dead end and the users cannot open their projects.  I apologize if I am explaining too vague, or missing additional helpful details, and I will follow up as soon as possible for any additional details.


Thank you.