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What's the Best Way to Represent a Component With Plugs on a Schematic

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by Tim Pulaski

First off, I'm a mechanical/CAD Admin guy tasked with exploring the capabilities SW Electrical (2D only) for our Electrical group. I have an existing schematic package that I'm working to duplicate in SW Electrical, such that I use as much of the built in bells and whistles as possible while keeping the overall look and feel of the schematic close to what we have now.


If I have a purchased component with several multi-pin connector receptacles, what is the proper way to represent that on a SW Electrical schematic? The existing drawing has the connections arranged around the component like this:




So, in SW Electrical would you just create a dumb symbol with no connection points to represent the component and then terminate the wires at a plug connector and maybe add a dashed line as shown above? Or is there a better, smarter more SW Electrical-ish way?