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Swept sheet metal with flanges

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by Kevin Chandler

Hello everyone,


I'm currently looking for a way to do a swept sheetmetal with flanges along the sweeping. The intent is for it to represent the flooring of our trailers with the arch in the trailer and also control it from our master sketch perhaps.


The flooring is made generally of 1/8'' or 3/16'' thick steel sheets that are bent so that we do not need to notch our cross-members so that they come even with the flange of the trailer.


This is what our flooring looks like:



Since we've been on SolidWorks, we always drew the floor ''straight'' and then put it on the trailer, so the flooring was kind of in conflict with the flanges as the flanges has a high radius and the flooring was ''straight''. We decided to implement the Skeleton Method about a year ago across all our products.


I've been trying to figure out since a way to do our trailer's flooring as a sheet metal and then have it follow the trailer's arch. I've tried a bunch of methods but I'm out of solution. The flooring has to be split in sections that can vary from 60 to 120'' also since we do not get sheets that cover the entire length of a trailer


So here's what I'd like it to ''look like'' from the top view and side view(so that you can see the arching)



Does anyone have any idea on how I could achieve this..?