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rack and pinion mate on a pivoting bridge assembly problem

Question asked by Jim Mooney on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2019 by Jim Mooney

I am modeling a jack knife bridge in Chicago. Having trouble with how to make the mates that will actually show it operating . Enclosed are three pics that show it in the down position, the up position as it works now, and my required position . the pinion gear runs along at he rack and the bridge is supposed to roll along and turn up as it goes. If I use the rack and pinion mate, it pulls the whole bridge assembly back. How do I anchor the rolling bottom (it's now a tangent mate) so it will roll?

this show bridge in down position

Jack knife bridge down.JPG

this show rack and pinion pulling back assembly, but it does not roll on it's base

Jack knife rolled back.JPG

this shows bridge rolled back correctly as if it rolled on it's base

Jack knife bridge position up correct.JPG