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Splayed Weldment Angle

Question asked by Bowen Jones on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by Glenn Schroeder

Ok. I am making a stand from 2x3 rectangle tubing with angle iron. The RT2x3x.25 is being used for the supports/legs, while the angle is the frame, more less.  Each of the four legs is splayed. I am trying to create a drawing from the part. I have a cut list wits “Angle 1“ and “Angle 2”, but I would like to display the angles/cuts for each particular leg. I am able to add the body to a separate page and rotate it, but cannot change the view to a “normal too” in a face.

Can someone help me or explain how to isolate a leg, add it to a drawing, normal too a face, and add cut angles to the part? I would like to had the drawings to the shop and they take the piece of steel, cut, and weld.


All four legs are splayed like the two front legs of a windsor chair.... if it helps.