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Little Plus signs on drawing-disappears during zoom

Question asked by Jared Morisset on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by Jared Morisset

Hi All!


My co-worker was just experiencing a very odd thing in SW.

He had small plus signs/cross-hairs embedded in his drawing behind text that would only show up when zoomed out to fit screen.


Whatever right..!? Whelp, the silly marks would reappear when the drawing was printed.


Actions to resolve issue:

  • Edited sheet format-no issues
  • Changed layers-did not fix
  • Created block from text-did not fix
  • Checked filters-no issues
  • Restarted computer-did not fix


The only resolution that we ended up using is a Copy Settings Wizard from my settings replacing his.




I am open for any thoughts on a fix for this if it is a reoccurring issue in the future.








Jared M.