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AddIn - Failed to register the COM DLL on Save-As dialog from 32bit Programs

Question asked by Sascha Smolny on Apr 3, 2019
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i have written an AddIn (with vb.NET) and have successfully added it to our EPDM.

I have used the example: 2017 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Creating Add-ins (VB.NET)


Everything looks good. If i use the Windows-Explorer the AddIn is working.


But if i enter the Save-As Dialog from e.g. Word/Notepad++/... i get the error message:

Failed to register the COM DLL


It seems that this only happens if the Dialog is opened from a 32bit process.


What can i do to avoid these error? This happens on all clients. (Win7 and Win10)


We use:

PDM Professional 2018 (18.4 (B76))

SolidWorks 2017 SP5

Visual Studio Community 2015