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2019 Cosmetic thread not visible in all parts of assembly

Question asked by Jim Paige on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by Jim Paige

Hello all. I've seen (and experienced) questions arise over cosmetic threads time and again over the years. Usually it's just a matter of getting your settings correct but this one has me baffled.


Simple assembly (plate sitting on a piece of rectangular tubing). Tube detail edited in the context of the assembly to add mating tapped holes. Tapped holes appear but without cosmetic threads. I then open the tube part file (no threads), edit the feature (everything set correctly), check the document settings (all okay), rebuild, rebuild, threads. Then I turn on All Annotations (or View Top Level Annotations, depending upon which menu you choose). Eureka! Threads! Unfortunately, I can also see EVERY feature dimension used to create the part (dimensions are NOT shown in view settings BTW).


Now for the odd part, when you go back to the assembly it becomes apparent that the NEW tapped holes [edit: tube part was created using SWX 2018 but tapped holes were put in using SWX 2019] do not have cosmetic threads BUT the plate detail [edit: which was created entirely using SWX 2019] DOES have cosmetic threads. What first appeared to be a global settings issue, then a part settings issue, now seems to be a SWX version issue!


Edit: I have updated the cosmetic threads in the the tube part. This had no effect on the appearance of old or new tapped holes.





I'm stumped. Anybody got any ideas?


Thanks in advance. Jim