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Component Configuration Drop Down in Design Table

Question asked by Sean Johnson on Apr 2, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Newell Voss

This is likely a simple answer, but every time I search, I get 10,000 responses for part configurations, and nothing for assembly design tables.


I need to add a component to an assembly design table.  With the table open in another window, I double-click on the component, and I get a column with the $state in the header.


I don't want the $state; the component is there all the time.  I want $configuration.  I can type in $configuration, but when I do, I do NOT get the drop down box with the configurations for the component.  The other columns in the table I'm working in have those drop downs, and the table "enable drop down lists" is checked.


First, are there any decent documents out there for assembly design tables?  A couple of simple videos I saw focused on mate values rather than component values, or typed everything in by hand.  That's possible, but not practical for the multiple component configurations I have.