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Multiple mate references to a configurable part

Question asked by Daniel Joblin on Apr 3, 2019

Hi folks


I have a Rack system that we are building.


we have multiple lengths of 25.4mm Square tube and some 3 , 4, and 5 leg connectors we are getting from Ulrich aluminium.


I managed to get the Assembly parts so that I could drag and drop some parts into the assembly and the mate references would place the tube onto the end of one of the connectors.... but it was a bit random and I could never get it to work that well for the next parts after one part as mated.


I was hoping that I could define the references for the configurable connector and then the ends of each tube and just play click clack with the parts. Not so unfortunately.


this is one of the small units I have done the other 2 that are 5 meters by 2.5m. Just want to figure this out as it could have been a lot easier if the mating system I want is available.CQ064NewShoots_Office_Unit2.JPG



any ideas?