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Poliigon & PBR Materials Questions

Question asked by Mark Jackson on Apr 2, 2019

Hi Vizies,


I finally got Visualize 2019. I've downloaded SP2. So now I'm trying to get better metal materials with maps from Poliigon. I need some understand of a couple of things if you guys can help.


When I create a new PBR appearance it's default set to the Metallic/Roughness workflow. The Metallic and Roughness sliders are set to zero, and the IOR is 1.50. If you change to Specular/Glossiness, the Glossiness slider goes to 1.00 and the IOR changes to 4.50. My question is why the maxed glossiness and change in IOR?


Also, what is the difference between the Metallic and Roughness sliders in the Metallic/Roughness workflow? The both seem to control the shininess of the appearance and I can't tell much of a difference myself right now.


When I put in the Poliigon texture maps, the different Metalness maps make sense in the texture map slots in Visualize, but for Specular, I'm confused about a couple things. Poliigon has the diffuse map with COL (for color I assume) in the file name. It is always just black when a metal appearance. Visualize wants to automatically put that map in the Specular position. Using the Specular workflow, where does the map with COL in the file name actually go? If in the Specular position, what goes in the Color position?