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Model the boundary layer behavior of a wheel rotating in a fluid

Question asked by Matthew Bravery on Apr 1, 2019
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For the past few hours I have been trying to model a wheel rotating in a static fluid (Air) so I can visualize the behavior of the fluid at the boundary layer. I have gone through several attempts but I'm not getting anywhere.


Ideally, the end goal is to place an obstruction close to the wheel wall and see what effect the distance from the obstruction to the wheel surface has on stripping the boundary layer from the wheel, or at least decelerate it.


I seem to get the impression that I can't set my wheel rotating, instead I have to rotate the fluid around the static wheel?


I'm currently only interested in a 2D simulation - Some basic pictoral views that I can compare to a known source is what I'm aiming for from there I can mess about and adjust as required.


Just to add, I am new to solidworks flow, having used Ansys at Uni for basic 2D flows.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.