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Warn user before getting previous version.

Question asked by Nilesh Patel on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Kamil Wilkosz

Hi All,


Sometimes user checks out the part and do few hours of work on it. For some reason, the user would like to see/ check previous version of the part, so user gets the previous version from the vault. As soon as the user gets the previous version, user has lost its current work that user has done after checking the part out from vault. Now when the user gets the latest, PDM only gets the latest that was checked in to vault not from the local cache (or is there a setting to get latest from local cache?). Is there a way in PDM to warn the user before getting previous version of a file or can we set up a workflow in PDM to prevent this scenario?


We user SolidWorks 2017 with PDM Professional 2017.


Thanks in advance.



Nilesh Patel