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    Table display options?

    Drew H
      Okay I give, where is the setting to change the display color of tables in 2009?
      That green is really nasty to read.
        • Table display options?
          Drew H
          I'll bet you all thought I was on drugs. My VAR was able to find a solution as follows..

          "Sorry about the long response time, I have finally been able to narrow this down. I cannot find the exact reason why the tables and its fonts are green, however it does seem to be due to the user registry which you have carried over since 2005.

          I was able to get the color to change to black as it should appear, and am able to toggle back and forth between that and the green color. In order to change the table color back to black:

          tools>options>system options>color

          Set the "Current Color Scheme" from the drop down list to "Orange Highlight" at the bottom of the list

          This should make your tables and their respective fonts change back to black.

          If you change the "Current Color Scheme" to "Blue" at the top of the list, the tables and their respective fonts turn back to the green color."

          ...just in case anyone does happen to run across the same problem.

          • Table display options?
            Deepak Gupta
            Thanks Drew for sharing
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              Ronan LE LOCH

              I opened the registry editor to see what's happen with the color values and I discovered that there are errors in the blue profile (and some others) with those parameters:

              • Active Selection Listbox
              • Annotations, Imported (Driving)
              • Assembly Interfence Volume
              • Drawings, Sheet Border

              They got values bigger than 16 777 215 wich is FFFFFF as hexadecimal value and commonly the white in RGB representation.

              Then as the programming code managing colors should be different in the option window and drawing display, the results are different. In one case the color appears dark, on the other the color is green.


              Other possibilities than changing profile are:

              1.force the colors to be valid by changing them to a different value in the options

              2.You could the copy following text with a text editor, change "Solidworks 2011" to what is your Solirworks release, save it at "colors.reg". And double click on it to merge it in the Windows registry:



              Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


              [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2011\Colors]

              "Annotations, Imported (Driving)"="0"

              "Annotations Non-Imported (Driven)"="0"

              "Assembly Interfence Volume"="255"

              "Drawings, Sheet Border"="0"





              In that file, the values are from Orange profile:

              "Annotations, Imported (Driving)"="0"

              "Annotations Non-Imported (Driven)"="0"

              "Assembly Interfence Volume"="255"


              In blue profile the values are:

              "Annotations, Imported (Driving)"="87407472"

              "Annotations Non-Imported (Driven)"="87407160"

              "Assembly Interfence Volume"="87339504"

              "Drawings, Sheet Border"="774974520"



              Also you can open the registry editor "regedit" and edit  values at [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2011\Colors]. Be careful as you access to all system values, by doing wrong, you can break your system.

              There may have some other issues. For me that was the wrong items.