Mark Athey

Speeding up Admin Image installs?

Discussion created by Mark Athey on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by Steven Billeter

Just wondering if you guys had a list of tips to speed up admin image installs. I am having clients install from an admin image located on a server, and they are installing by clicking the HTA link over the network. I typically ask them to reboot prior to the installs, and recommend them doing it in house vs VPN from home, etc… I know the network is a huge variable but I really have no control over that.


I just did a clean install on a VM machine and it took 1 hour 23min – which isn’t terrible, but I’ve had users run all day and still not get a full install.


I have them installing every option we own in the options editor because it got to be a PITA when someone wanted to add-in a product later on.