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Revisions to drawing (annotations only) but not to part or assembly

Question asked by Tyler D. on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Steven Mills

I wanted to ask for best practices before implementing this, so figured I'd post here.


We do not use PDM.  I have a wiring harness assembly, and to deal with a temporary change due to part shortage we are not populating a couple conductors, as they will get soldered directly to the PCB instead of the standard process of being populated in the cable connector housing.  However, we will eventually go back to the original design.


I'm not making any changes to the parts or assemblies, I just want to change the notes on the drawing to state to not populate the two conductors in question.  I do need to rev up the drawing however, and this is a temporary solution.


Should I use a pack & go type thing to break links and have 2 separate sets of parts, assemblies, drawings?  Or should I just break links on the 2nd (temporary) drawing?  Or could I make a new configuration that has no actual change - would that allow a different associated drawing with it's own annotations?  Or is there something along the lines of the "Allow multiple contexts for parts..." properties I can change (and if so, is this asking for issues down the road).


Thanks for the advice.