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"Global Variable ..... Already Exists" Error

Question asked by Sasha Skolnik on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by Sasha Skolnik

I have created a part for my company that uses global variable values that change by configuration. I chose to use global variables so that I can use them in features and equestions throughout... Everything in the part works great, but, some of the employees would like to control the global variable value by either adding it to a design table, or changing the value directly in the dimension dialog box that pops up when you double click a dimension. I added the design table and linked in the global variable, and when I change the value in the design table, the global variable updates. But when I try to change the global variable value directly from the dimension dialog box, I get an error stating "global variable ... already exists." After pressing "ok", if I add in a new number anyway, the number will hold and I can rebuild, but once I change to a different configuration, then return to the configuration of I was just working on, the changed number will revert to the previous number.


I've attached a mockup part showing the problem.


In the part there are:

- 5 configurations

- 2 global variables

- Design table that is changing the value of the global variables

- 2 custom properties reading the value of the two dimensions driving the sketch


You can reproduce the scenario I am experiencing by doing the following:

Upon opening the file, unhide annotations and double click either of the dimensions. You should be able to edit either of the dimensions. Now, go the next configuration, double click either of the dimensions and try to modify. Before the dimension box even opens, you should get an warning stating that "the global variable ..... already exists". If, after pressing "ok" you add in a new number anyway, the number will not hold and will revert to the previous number.


Anyone know what I can do to try and be able to edit a global variable value in a multi-configuration part using either: equations dialog, design table, or dimension dialog?


Thanks in advance!