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Assigning assembly more than one location

Question asked by Sean Callahan on Mar 27, 2019

Our company is transitioning away from AutoCAD for our electrical group and going to SW Electrical 2019. So, our department will heavily assist if not do all of the 3D routing for harnesses. Our problem is that you can only assign one assembly to one location (no repeat) and that assembly is only capable of seeing the components associated with that one location. All of our locations share the same parent (the whole system), so when we assign an assembly to the whole project we can see the connectors we want to route but we also see ALL components (terminal blocks, connectors, circuit breakers, etc.). Obviously, routing hundreds of harness in one assembly is not ideal due to size and chaos.


One example is that we have a connector patch with ~40-60 connectors that reside in a location called 6A7. These harnesses that go to tens of different locations (1A1, 1A2, 1A3, 9A10, the list goes on). I can assign the assembly to 6A7 but the only components available for routing are the plug connectors that mate to the 6A7 jack connectors and vice versa with 1A1 and the like. The next common location for connector A at the 6A7 and connector B at the 1A1 is the whole project.


How can we break out these routing assemblies to better manage these harnesses? I hope this is clearer than mud.