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the velocity values from the Point Goal not equal those from the Point Parameters

Question asked by Ya Ya on Mar 27, 2019

Hi, thank you for your attention.


Recently I came across a problem with the velocity values of points.


I set point goals to get the velocity values of some points.


After the calculation, I also use the Point Parameters to show the velocity of those same points.


However, I found they were different. for example,


For point A, the average, maximum and minimum velocity from the Point Goal are 0.013m/s, 0.013m/s, 0.013m/s, respectively.


In the Point Parameters, the velocity, X-velocity, Y-velocity, Z-velocity of this same point are 0.009m/s, 0.009m/s, -1.494e-05m/s, 3.013e-05m/s, respectively.


Would you help explain the reason of this error? I don't know which data was correct.


Thank you very much! Wish you all the best.