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Where should i start ? Tapered sheet metal part from flat surface too round?

Question asked by Joe McDonnell on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by Kevin Chandler

Hey Everyone,


I am messing with the sheet metal feature in solid works, and started with a basic motor mount idea.


I am now tilting the sleeve of the motor mount on an angle, and tapering the sheet metal piece from the base of 3" too 2-1/4" centtred on the sleeve. Where should i start in modeling a sheet metal piece that would connect the sleeve and the base plate?


The " motor mount - design challenge" file is what i first started out with.

The " motor mount - design challenge fill in the blank" file is what i am working with now... The sleeve and plate are constrained too where i want them.


The attached pdf is a rough sketch of what I am trying for


Thanks for any assistance.