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Location of Body Mody/Copy Features in Exploded State

Question asked by Kevin Gruscinski on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Kevin Gruscinski

Upon rebuild for the exploded view of a part, I get issues arising from bodies being missing from Body Move/Copy features, but the location of these specific features escapes me. Entering the explode feature, the Body Move/Copy features are not explicitly defined; they are only referenced in each explode step's settings. Missing bodies are absent from these entirely; the missing ones are not even included as errors. The feature tree contains no errors, and the Body Move/Copy features listed in the rebuild errors do not exist under any feature of the feature tree. Additionally, there are no suppressed bodies or features.


Interestingly, the exploded view does not appear to have any issues (aside from the rebuild error). Because of this, it seems like the rebuild error could be avoided by deleting those potentially unnecessary Body Move/Copy features, but those features are not explicitly defined in any place I've looked. Can anyone direct me to a different view of the Explode command/steps? Alternatively, is there a method to suppress features starting with the "What's wrong" dialogue?