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what files are removed when clearing cache in solidwork pdm

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by Iain Hendry



     We are fairly new to SW PDM, we have the Pro version, and I am hoping to give the engineers a more clear understanding of Cache, and more importantly, what files are removed when clearing cache.


     For example, if engineers drag files into a folder in PDM, but do not check them into the vault, so remaining local only, I am assuming they will never be removed when clearing cache, is that correct?


     I am assuming that clearing cache only removes temporary data, such as when a part or assembly is selected and previewed, that is temporary data that is stored and cleared when clearing cache correct


Appreciate the help, most information I can find just is not that detailed, and I only understand at a slightly better level that our engineers, and IT's explanation is all book words.


Thanks again!