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Third Party Add-ins, Which Should be Included with SolidWorks?

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Mar 26, 2019
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Most of us want "More, More, More!!"


SolidWorks claims it is in the business of enhancing their product every year, and every year we are thankful but typically underwhelmed at the enhancements.  I remember one year the big announcement was midpoint snap.  Another year it was grey-scale icons.  No VR.  No Voice Commands.  No hand gesture input, etc.


Wouldn't an easy way to make massive improvements is to purchase two or three of their Gold Partners every year and implement the add-ins into the standard product (maybe it's still an add-in, but it would come with the product).


(As an aside, this policy may also have the effect of stimulating even more partners if the end-goal desired is a sale to SolidWorks, this could be a good thing.)


A good example is I've been having an impossible time getting a swept flange to flat pattern.  The software makes the flange just fine, but then it won't unfold it!!


VAR says buy this:


Hmmm, that looks like it should be part of a robust CAD package.


To further add insult to injury, I'm pretty sure CREO would handle this flange.


What gold partner products do you think should be part of SolidWorks (let's say that at least 10% of users would potentially benefit from the addition)?


Here's the list:


Engineering Software Partner Products | SOLIDWORKS


Any thoughts?   Any reasons this wouldn't be a good idea?