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How to edit the position that objects scale about when altering their dimensions

Question asked by Russell Watters on Mar 25, 2019
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I have a sketch with a lot of lines set to 'equal' so that when I change the dimension of one, they all automatically change. I have this drawing with a bunch of slots for wood pieces that will have to fit together, but whenever I make a change to the dimension, the 'equal' slots seem to rescale as if the origin point that it is scaling about is set to the lower left and this throws the alignment of my slots off. I need the objects to rescale from about their centers. More simply, this also happens to me whenever I draw say a rectangle of 12in then go and change it to 8in, the rectangle scales down as if the center of scaling is taking place in the lower left of the rectangle. How do I control in Solidworks 2018 the origin point of rescaling when a dimension is changed? In many CAD programs that I am familiar with, there is a little box (image attached) you can tick to control the origin of rescaling but I haven't stumbled upon this yet in Solidworks. I am attaching an image of the dimension change before and after overlaid over the other to illustrate what I am talking about. I want the widths of these slots to shrink from their centers, not their end points.




p.s. I am trying to set up a project (that requires wood to get slotted together) in such a way that I can use wood sheets of different thickness and quickly and easily change the width of every slot to match the new material without having to actually redraw anything. I am doing this by setting lines to 'equal' but if anyone else has any better ideas I would love to hear them!

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