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The Great Solidworks Routing Subscription Rip Off

Discussion created by Gavin Digby on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Gavin Digby

Is anyone else being ripped off by Solidworks for their Subscription just because they are a loyal longstanding customer who uses routing? I have been asking this question for years, 'Why is my subscription for Solidworks Office Pro plus Routing Add on more expensive than if I had Premium?'  At the time I brought SW I brought the best available (Office Pro) plus the Add on of routing, since premium was released no offer to upgrade has ever given that takes into account that I already have routing, I am expected to pay the same to upgrade as someone who only has Office Pro, so in effect I get less for my money when I upgrade than anyone else. I currently pay more for my support subscription than if I had premium so once again get less for my money. I have raised this with my VAR who say is its legacy from when you could buy Routing separately, but since I have never paid for premium either at intial purchase (it wasnt available) or for an upgrade (see above comments about already having routing and being ripped off for upgrade) I cant get something for nothing, though it seems that are happy for me to pay them something for nothing. In order to Upgrade to premium I would have to pay £3795 including a years subscription and I would save £10 on my subscription. Come on Solidworks what happened to the Customer Focused business that you were when I first brought your product, sort out your subscription pricing or offer users with routing a free upgrade to Premium, after all anyone in this situation must be a loyal long time user, why not give them something back.