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Sketch text fonts in a different language (Arabic)

Question asked by Tiara Tan on Mar 25, 2019

Hi all,


I need to add in Arabic words in SolidWorks text.

I have downloaded the required fonts in windows and copied it to the C:\Windows\Fonts folder.



However, when I copy the Arabic words into SolidWorks text, it comes out gibberish as shown:


I am able to type out the Arabic words in word .doc as I have downloaded the required font. But unable to copy it to SolidWorks.
(The word I tried copying over is:
خزانة ذات أدراج)


I am able to type in Korean in SW but unable to do so in Arabic.


Do I need to do any other system configuration like downloading/copying the language folder into SolidWorks installation?
as per this post: However, there is no 'arabic' language folder found in the SW installation folder:

Does anyone have any idea?




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