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Admin image automatic deploy install never successfully installs

Question asked by David Lane on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by Jim Sculley

Using the admin image option editor to automatically deploy, I never get a "Successfully Installed" status. It stays on "Installing" forever. The task on the client machines keeps running until they reboot, after which the installer attempts to run again even though everything is already installed.


I have "Everyone" as well as a group of all cad computers with full permission to the logs folder (both under security and advanced sharing permissions). The root installation folder has full permission for the group of computers, but only read/execute for "Everyone." Note: Previously it was always stuck on "scheduled" but that was fixed by adding the group of computers to the share permissions (the security permissions was not enough).


If I initiate an uninstall the status does update.


Status after fully uninstalled (also showed uninstall scheduled, and uninstalling)


Status after scheduling installation


Status after sldim starts on client machine



It's clear the installer (user and/or machine) can write to the logs folder. The "scheduled" statuses are written by the option editor, while the installing/uninstalling and uninstalled successfully statuses are written by the client.


The client and host are on the same network and same domain.


What could possibly be the issue?