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Can I trick SolidWorks to opening/importing/scaling a mesh as a metric part?

Question asked by Jeff Mowry on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Jeff Mowry

Just replied to an older relevant thread on this topic, as found here, but then cannot see it at the top of the board, so I'm creating a new discussion to get some eyes on this.


My problem is similar to that seen in the thread mentioned above, in that my mesh is coming in 25.4 times larger than it should be (mm to inches, basically).


But---if I scale the mesh after importing into SW, I can no longer actively interact with moving/rotating the imported mesh in an assembly.  Instead of being able to nudge and rotate the mesh---where I can see this---instead the scaled mesh will simply blip into the new position after I rebuild.  Lame.  Makes imported data comparisons very, very tedious, so I'm looking for a proper work-around.


I guess here's the short form of my question, considering this:

"Can I trick SolidWorks to opening/importing the mesh as a metric part (hence automatically scaling itself to the right units), and if so, how?"


Also, how on earth is the capacity to scale a mesh removed in v2017?  What a weird thing to do.  Has that capacity been restored in v2018 and v2019?