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Transferring all SOLIDWORKS files and folders to new computer

Question asked by Yotam Amiram on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Yotam Amiram

Hello everyone,

I will receive a new computer tomorrow at work. I have a stand alone license and many many parts, subassemblies and assemblies.

Weirdly enough I couldn't find any guide referring how it's best to transfer my SOLID world to that fresh, sleek, rose scented new computer.


All my folders are will be backed up on an external drive and I will copy them when finished transferring my license.

Is it safe to assume that if they will be copied to an exact replica of my current computer folder location (i.e C:\Users\lab1\Documents\GUARDIAN\SOLID)

That all references inside SOLIDWORKS will work on the new machine (assuming it will be labeled lab1 also)?


Any help will be much appreciated.