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Make BOM show linear feet of one part, with varying lengths as configs

Question asked by Cameron Blank on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Daen Hendrickson

I have a 1x1 piece of lumber, and I have several configurations with different lengths. I modeled it as a square, extruded it to proper length. For configs, I select the square sketch and offset the length I want the new piece to be, then cut through all the rest of the part. Other configs I suppress the prior cuts, and use the same square sketch from the original extrude.


My goal is to have my BOM show the total linear length of the the 1x1 lumber. So the quantity would include the total measured length of all of those instances of configs used in the assembly.


I've seen some here mention using custom properties to assign a length property and then have the BOM show those length parameters then sum up the quantities, but this won't work since I have 1 part with several configurations. Even if there was a way to assign a custom property to each config, I wouldn't want to do all that leg work.


Surely there is a way for solidworks to measure and display the total length of these parts. If I need to remodel the 1x1 part in a different way to accommodate this, I'd be willing to do this. This is more of a home project and learning experience with solidworks for this type of stuff. Normally at work I only deal with sheet metal.