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3D Texture Tool

Question asked by Duncan Gillis on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by Duncan Gillis

Hi All,


A year ago at SWW I got very excited by the announcement of the 3D Texture tool and what it can bring to rapid prototyping.


After finally upgrading to SW2019, I've had the chance to quickly play with the tool, but coming across some immediate problems.


1.  The texture map doesn't wrap around standard radius corners seamlessly. I get this, but changing radius tangency doesn't help at all.


2. The 3D texture doesn't match the original texture map, especially around corners/radii.  see model/images attached.  It seems to fall over even though the texture map is set to surface map.


Has anyone had any luck with this tool? Any tips on how to get a better result?  From what i can see, and what was demonstrated at SWW, its awesome for single surfaces, but something slightly more complex, and the tool doesn't seem to cope.