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Deleted Files When Database Changed

Question asked by Ben Langhauser on Mar 23, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Ben Langhauser

Hi All,


When using Solidworks EPDM, we had an issue where the vault was not connecting to the correct SQLServer. After fixing this, there ended up being multiple instances of the Vault Database on our EDPM computer. Upon a computer restart, the EPDM reconnected to the older version of the vault. We quickly changed it to the current Vault database but now we cannot find the files that were changed or generated between the old version and the current model. All the files before the old version are able to be located fine but everything in between cannot be found. The SQL database is up to date with all of the changed but we cannot seem to figure out where the files could have gone. Could they have been deleted when the EPDM reverted to the older version of the Vault database?


This is what we get when we try and open files that were generated between the two instances of the Vault database.


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