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Discussion created by Marc Lastname on Mar 22, 2019
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Dear Solidworks team,

I work for a machine OEM company. I deal with models typically with between 2000 and 10,000 parts with usually 10-15 top level assemblies and sub assemblies nested up to 15 levels deep. I am having a lot of problems because Solidworks does not differentiate Components with the same name in separate file paths of seperate model. Basically, I need solidworks to look at the Unique ID or file path of the part and load a specific file from a specific file path with a specific configuration/suppression state even though they may share the same name (typically just a bunch of numbers from SAP like 10000012345.sldasm)


My issue is, we re-use as many components and sub assemblies as possible, so 1 common assembly may be shared across every machine we make. I suppress different parts of the sub assembly on different machines to get various views and produce dumbed-down models to post publicly. When I have multiple models open, whichever one I open first determines the suppression state of all subsequent models opened that contain the same subassembly, even though they reside in an individual file path and likely do not share the same component suppression state.


It is 1000000% impractical to try and manage suppression states in the tree across models (using configurations), so dont even bother suggesting this. I need a toggle box for "Load/Save Components According to File Path and Unique ID" and maybe add the warning "warning, using unique id to identify components may result in longer load times, duplicate files, and require additional disk space". Or something along those lines.


Even after closing a model, the file still exists in memory. I am in an annoying situation where I can only have 1 model open at a time and when I need to open a new model I have to completely close Solidworks and re-open to clear the memory and open the file from the correct file path.


Overall I see this as a large hole in the Solidworks product, particularly when used in conjunction with SAP-PLM plugin. When I download a new master model from SAP the first time, it resets the suppression state of all the sub assemblies relevant to the new model. Now, when I save the new model and open an old (different) model, I will have thousands of components unsuppress because the new model changed the suppression state of the shared subassemblies. This drives me nuts and took me many times before figuring out what was causing cascading unsuppression. I wasted days of re-work before I identified the root cause.


.If there is a work around (that does not involve the feature tree or configurations in any way) please let me know!


If there is not, I emplore you to add an option so that SW will ONLY open a file that has an exact Internal ID or File Path , regardless of the file name or what is in memory.


Thank you,