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Exporting emn to orcad with multi keep-in areas (CircuitWorks)

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Derek Eldridge

Using CircuitWorks.

In solidworks 2018sp5 I created a pcb and multiple non combined bodies representing the component keep-in areas.

Using Tools/Circuitworks/Export to Circuitworks...

A wizard walks through selecting the top of the board, the board outline, NPTH holes, PTH hols, and then outline features.

The outline features allow me to select all the extreded body features that represent the Component Keep-In Areas.

Trouble is when it is imported to Orcad/Allegro a warning pops up that states that only one feature for Keep-In Areas can be imported. The rest will be ignored.

Am I doing something wrong when preparing the export?

Are we doing something wrong when Importing to Orcad/Allegro?

Is anyone else familiar with what I'm talking about?