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OpenDoc and Auto-recover prompt

Question asked by Mahir Abrahim on Mar 22, 2019

Some background. I have a handy macro that opens whatever is currently selected using OpenDoc. It works just like the folder icon in the context toolbar, but it can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut. It has worked great up until now. Lately, my system has been unstable due to a PLM add-in that I'm forced to load. Accordingly, I now have Auto-recover activated to avoid losing work during a crash.


Now the question:

How can I set OpenDoc to say "No" to the "Do you want to open the auto-saved version" prompt? Right now by default it opens the auto-recovered version, but that's a definite no-no. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with tweaking settings of the DocumentSpecification object used with OpenDoc, but I haven't found the right property yet. The closest thing I've found is the InteractiveAdvancedOpen property, but that's more than I want to do. Having to deal with an interactive dialog box and adding clicks defeats the whole purpose of the macro.


Any ideas? Thanks.