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How to Edit Components in Flow Simulation

Question asked by Chris Polito on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Bill McEachern

I use Solidworks 2014 on my main desktop for design work and drawings. I've recently been given a laptop with Solidworks 2018 (+Flow Simulation) so that I can do Thermal Analysis on the designs I do in 2014. (Most employees here have SW2014, and if I did my models and drawings in 2018, then no one using 2014 would be able to access my drawings)


When I'm in 2018 Flow Simulation, sometimes I will want to make slight geometrical changes so I can observe their impact on thermal performance. However, the Edit Component button is permanently greyed out, and I can't right click and open any of the components like I normally would in 2014. This means I end up bouncing back and forth between my two computers, having to save the changes in 2014, and then pull them up in 2018 and essentially start over with my Flow Simulation.


Is there a setting/option somewhere that I'm missing that will allow me to make changes in 2018?