Design Checker install

Discussion created by Guest on May 18, 2006
Here is an SPR that ou VAR found please read through and let me know if this fixes the problem:

284097 SolidWorks Design Checker can not be installed via silent installation from admin image. Implemented With the implementation of SPR 284097 (SolidWorks Design Checker can not be installed via silent installation from admin image.) in service pack 4 of SolidWorks 2006, existing 2006 updating to sp 4 will not see the design checker addin right away. Below are three methods by which existing clients can can obtain the design checker addin for a client installed from an admin image which experienced this issue. 1) Modifying the install by going to start, control panel, add/remove programs, highlighting change and choosing modify making sure SolidWorks Office Premium or SolidWorks Office Professional is installed should install the appropriate files for design checker. 2) Another method is to copy the c:\<admin image location>\program files\SolidWorks\dsgnchk folder after the clients have been service packed to sp4 or higher and pasting the folder in C:\Program Files\<SW install dir> on the client machine. Next step would be start SolidWorks, go to file, open, choose Add-Ins as the file type and then browse to the C:\Program Files\<SW install dir>\dsgnchk folder and open Dsgnchku.dll. This will load the design checker and add it to the addins list. 3) The third method is to uninstall the client and reinstall from the image once the admin image has been updated to sp4 or beyond.