John Avis

Nvisia Quadro FX3700 Display Problems with SolidWorks

Discussion created by John Avis on Mar 30, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2009 by Jeff Hamilton
We are experiencing some intermittent display issues when using SolidWorks with several identical specification systems.

System configuration:
Intel S5000XVN Motherboard; Intel Xeon Quad Core X5460 CPU; 4Gb ECC DDR2 RAM; SAS HDD; Nvidia FX3700 Display Adaptor (Hewlett Packard card); Windows XP Pro (32-bit); Solid Works 2008 SP5.0.

The following problems happen randomly when using Solid Works but are hard to reproduce on demand.

* SolidWorks toolbar icons turn black
* SolidWorks background turns black (ie. what is displayed when no drawings are open) and Solid Works logo is not displayed
* Acrobat documents appear behind Solid Works window, but Acrobat window borders appear in front
* When rotating objects in Solid Works it sometimes fails to repaint them but partial object appears below mouse pointer when moved

When some of the above problems occur if you move the mous eover the effected area it may repaint it correctly, or minimize/maximize, etc.

We have tried many drivers, and are presently running the current certified drivers from the SolidWorks website.