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Unintended movement of body in multibody part

Question asked by Kevin Gruscinski on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Kevin Gruscinski

I'm in the far stages of building a multibody part file meant to represent a countertop with some subtops. One of my final features is a Split function to separate the backsplash bodies (dark gray) utilizing a sketch drawn on the top surface of them. After splitting only the backsplash bodies, one layer of the counter top moves. I dissolved the Split feature and found the body did not return to its original position (after rebuild/closing and re-opening the document). I can roll back the bar to before the sketch, and the top returns to the correct position. Interestingly, if I delete the sketch, the top does not move. There is an exploded view (suppressed), but this error spans configurations.


Are there any known bugs resembling this problem? I'd rather not upload my full file for confidentiality purposes, although here are screenshots of what I mean.