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Is there a way to Flag/Tag BAD Parts/Models/Drawings that need Revised or Fixed?

Question asked by Jeremy Diehl on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Craig Schultz

Looking for a way to Flag/Tag BAD Parts/Models/Drawings that need to be either Revised or Fixed in the PDM.


Anything that would create a visual when looking at a file that says "Hey this is Bad and needs to be fixed before using again"

Otherwise it will be "Garbage In = Garbage Out" on future designs.


It would be nice to also have a place to add comments on what is wrong with the file in either a comment, field, or category and insert an attachment, like pictures or marked up drawings to further explain what needs to be done.



Weed out legacy files that are Garbage as we run across them.

Identify Parts/Assemblies/Sub-Assemblies that have issues and need fixing or just plain garbage.

Identify Parts/Assemblies/Sub-Assemblies that were just mocked up versions of what is actually built that are not finished or need fixing, to be a valid usable file.

Identify Drawings that need more details added to them. i.e. more views or missing dimensions.



Than a way of searching for all these files that were Flagged/Tagged to see how many there are to weed them out or weed out the culprit who created them .


Any help would be greatly appreciated