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Surface problem modelling an g203 mouse

Question asked by Lag A. on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Matt Lombard

@First of all thanks to the community for being an awesome resource for when you get stuck in a job, you guys are great.


So i'm working on creating a model of the [g203]( and i'm having some trouble on getting the form right. What i have done so far is to sketch each view from a reference image and then do a lofted surface to create solid form, but my surface is not coming out correctly i have an idea why just not sure how to fix it. Let me show you what i mean:


•[Picture 1](

Here you can see my sketches, one for each profile.



•[Picture 2]( and [Picture 3](

Here is the lofted surface from the sketches, as you can see the resulting form does not correctly reflect the form of the mouse. As the mouse is round the top part of the model is larger than the bottom, the roundness  intersect at the base of the mouse, but as i'm using the base of the as guide for the sketch the surface does not show the total roundness of the mouse (this a bit weird to explain, my bad if doesn't make much sense). You can see what i mean more clearly in the next images.



•[Picture 4](, [Picture 5]( and [Picture 6](

As you can see here the created surface doesn't reflect the reference image as it should. What i don't really know is how to get the lofted surface to create the right form, i need to use the base of the mouse as my guiding sketch because that's where the roundness ends. I could sketch the outer profile of the top view, but then the bottom part of the mouse won't be round. Also i know my front sketch is mostly correct so i think my problem is with my right sketch (the guiding curve of the lofted surface) i just don't know what could i do to fix it.



Any ideas?