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Unable to perform swept cut around spiral

Question asked by Zach Goldberg on Mar 20, 2019

When I attempt to perform a swept cut around a spiral in the attached file, I receive a "Operation failed due to geometric conditions error" and cannot figure out why. In the file, you can see I was able to perform the desired swept cut on the second ring from the inside but when I attempt to do the same to the 3 other wings, I recieve the error. This is a feature I have created before and have experienced the same issue. I am normally able to work around the error by tweaking the distance of the sketch profile to the end of the sketch but am unable to get it to work on this part. Note that the swept cut works if the sweep sketch profile does not intersect the surface of the part which means the problem likely is some sort of geometric interference of the profile with the surface.


To make things more interesting, I have an older part who had a perfectly functioning spiral swept cut feature when I originally created it. When I opened this part recently and rebuilt it, I received a "Operation failed to geometric error". I do a full rebuild(ctrl+ Q) at the end of my finished parts just in case so I have no idea where this error could have came from.


If anybody has any advice as to what the issue is, how to circumvent it, or a different method to achieve my desired spiral swept cut, I would be very appreciative.



In the attached .sldprt file there are 4 spirals, each with their profile that needs to be swept on the inside end. The second spiral ring from the center was the only one able to swept without giving an error. You may want to tweak the image quality of the file based on your system's specs, a swept spiral is fairly resource intensive.