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Flat-Pattern bends always suppressed and wrong bounding box

Question asked by Eimantas Palevicius on Mar 20, 2019


I have part with two parent configurations (for modeling) and two derived configurations (for flat pattern).

Problem is that in parent Configurations bounding box is all the time wrong. And bends on Flatten condition always are suppressed.

I can unssupress them. Then bounding box are good.

But when i close Flatten condition, turn on other configuration and return back. All bend again suppressed. Also if I change part length bounding box again wrong. It seems that showing previews bounding box length.

Derived Configuration is DefaultSM-Flat-Pattern don't have that problem because it is alwaus on Flatten condition.

That problem causes wrong parameters in BOM. Part length is 300mm and information from cut-list showing 600 mm.

Maybe this problem is because part created with SW2012 and Flat- Pattern don't have folder. And new part which have those folders working perfect.

Someone have Ideas or suggestions how to solve this problem with old parts? Any API or converter ?