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Dell M2400

Question asked by 1-8ABTGY on Mar 30, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2009 by 1-8ABTGY
I am looking for a new machine - I have a M2400 and M4400 spec'd out almost exactly the same. The only difference is that the M2400 comes with a 256 Mb card (nVidia FX 370M) and the M4400 comes with a 512 Mb card.

How much of a difference does the card make for performance, stability, etc? I really like the thought of having a smaller 14.1 machine instead of the 15.4 since i lug my laptop around everyday and to travel about once a month.

My current M70 has a 256 card (FX go1400m). Would the FX 370 M have similar quality, performance, etc? If so, that is enough for me.

I need to open and review faily large, complex plastic, sheetmetal, and die cast part designs for office products. larger files get up to 200 features and 15Mb file size (good use of features and configs from designer). I dont do any heavy FEA or photo render, but just the basic photoworks render and Cosmos free FEA checks.

I do not do heavy SW use, but use it enough that when it runs slow, it can really ruin my productivity and my day.... My M70 is ok, but I realy nead a faster, dual core processer - so that is what is driving the new machine.

I havent found too many peopl that are running SolidWorks on the M2400.


* PS- i usually run a few windows open at a time... outlook, IE, SW 2007, and 1-2 emails at a time.