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Help Sheet metal Problem

Question asked by Cristallux Cristallux on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by John Stoltzfus

hello guys i am having a huge problem, trying to figure out how to draw a part in sheet metal.

please does anybody have an idea how to go about drawing this part in sheet metal so that they fit into each other like a puzzle. Below is the part i am trying to draw and this is how I am going about it, but somehow I can not get part A and part B to be equal and symmetric.

Assem AB Ver 2 Sheetmetal ball.JPGAssem part 1AB Sheetmetal ball 2.JPGAssem part 1AB Sheetmetal ball.JPGi decided to go with this option and pattern to reproduce something similar for sheet metal laser cut. now there is another problem how do i get laser cut 1 and laser cut 2 to be symmetric in other words i want all hexagons on both cuts to have the same dimensions in decending or ascending order or ( first and second are same , then second and third having same dimension etc. how do i get the space between this sheetmetals to be the same through the cut . is it even possible ?????

i have also uploaded step file for those without 2019 solidworks version

thank you, and my fingers are crossed waiting for replys


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