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Software Licensing

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Kevin Andrews

I am looking at purchasing a license for home use. I do occasional freelance work and use it for my own piddling around....I have a few questions and I would like some knowledge bestowed upon me. Keep in mind that I am trying to do everything legal. I have one question that I will be asking that may not be legal (per Solidworks) but I don't know for sure unless I ask. So don't bash me for asking please.


1) It has been a while since I have purchased, or told accounting what to purchase, so I am a little rusty on versions. I have narrowed it down to I will need, at minimum, Professional. Do I need to buy a copy of simulation in order to run FEA on assemblies? If no, which software edition will run simulation on assemblies?


2) When is the best time to buy the software? Is there a certain time of year when they will run sales or discounts?


3) Is there anywhere that will sell an older license - like for 2017 - at a discounted price?


4) Here is the questionable legal issue: My ex-employer purchased the software through a reseller. After I left the company, on good terms, that employer no longer uses the software. Would it be legal for him to sell me his license and then he can release the installed license on the computer there so that it frees it up for me?

Now, I did ask a sales rep for a reseller I have worked with in the past and she told me that I would have to purchase his company in order for that to work. That just sounds way too extreme of an answer and I am hoping that there is a much less involved, and MUCH less expensive way to do this.