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Attempting to morph a solid in only one dimension, Deform not cooperating

Question asked by V. Konradi on Mar 19, 2019

I start with a solid generated from a spline by revolved boss/base.  The original revolved solid is shown at the top, then shown mirrored below, then deformed below that.  The upper and (deformed) lower will be connected by a pure extrusion.  So the deformed lower should be deformed only in Z=vertical, not in X or Y.  When I use Deform curve-to-curve, according to the guide curves as shown, I get an approximately correct result.  But in fact the resultant becomes deformed in X and Y as well.  If I extrude from the top original curve, it fails to meet the profile of the bottom deformed body.


In principle this is a straightforward single-axis transformation.  Simple math if I'm mathematically generating points in a point cloud.  How do I tell Solidworks to morph this solid in a single dimension?