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Two PDM Vaults to house legacy assemblies/drawings & new Vault for updated components. PDM Ideas

Question asked by Douglas Folk on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Douglas Folk

I am throwing this out to see what ya'll think .

Scenario: We have old legacy - poorly constructed assemblies with components that are similar. They get the job done, but those models/assemblies need to be retired. The issue is the part numbers are not changing.


What I was thinking of doing - Create a "legacy" vault for currently released assemblies (maybe limit to those that we just don't want to rebuild, because of time etc).

This vault would only hold assemblies say in a directory structure. I would pack and go them to the directory for storage and then modify.


I already have a working, we'll call a NEW vault and it houses all new assemblies, Library with updated library components that are used in new creations.


Key Point : On the NEW vault I have it locked to unique numbers so we don't have two parts named the same. I really want this because that's why the legacy data is in such chaos.


I can't think of another work around. If I rename the components on a pack and go into the new database - I will have to touch each part because the part number is wrong...


Any comments?