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Question asked by Gerald Davis on Mar 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2010 by John Lhuillier
I've read several threads in this forum (and other online resources) about NVLDDMKM errors on Dell M6400 laptops.

Dell has had me install the driver - that improved performance but didn't stop the pain. The problem also showed up with the "approved" driver from

The attached message popped up right after I installed SP3.0. I also saw the problem 3 times yesterday (on SP2.1).

IT DOES seem to prevent the error if I run with "Software OpenGL". The performance is clearly suffering, however.

Mysteriously, using the laptop on a docking station with an external display & keyboard also seems to help. The docking station has a Space Explorer. Without it I'm using a Space Traveler.

I noted that at least one person (Ian Ayton) has had Dell replace hardware. I'm about to do that, too. However, it seems odd that Software OpenGL avoids trips through NVLDDMKM's "successful" recoveries.

If you haven't experienced this, the screen goes black, then it comes back with a little popup by the systray announcing that NVLDDMKM driver has experienced a problem and has successfully recovered. SolidWorks just spins the "please wait" mouse cursor and is completely unresponsive. Most other apps (Outlook, IE, Excel, etc.) do indeed seem to recover.

Does anyone have working solutions for improving the synergy between Vista64/M6400/NVIDIA/Dassault?

I can keep all of my joy in a very small thimble right now.